EA Andy please listen.

1 posts Ball Boy
In FIFA19 there has been a real resurgence of superior players re-registering and working their way through the divisions at the expense of players not as good as they are (players in Division 6 who have won every title in the lower Divisions and have played 30 or less games for example). And I keep coming across Divisions 1-3 players going for the EA Shield! It takes all the fun out of the game. I want to compete against people in my division and those immediately around it, not get battered before I have even kicked off. Also, the tactics of people who re-register are the same (often their players press all game and never tire and curiously their replays are always cut off - almost like they have to re-register when they load a cheat). It's just one more example of EA devaluing online players – presumably because you don't profit from us other than the 60 bucks we pay for the game unlike your FUT acolytes. it really wouldn't be difficult to manage this kind of stuff to make the playing experience more competitive and equable but it's like you just don't care.
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