Futties promes

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Anyone else think this is one of the best cards in the game?

Dude is an animal at CAM


  • DannySTFC
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    I’m debating on grabbing him now. I have PIM Best, TOTS Pepe and Futties Lozano all RWs and no LW in the club. The only other thing that interests me is the mid icon, I know I would be able to do both but not sure if I can be bothered with the effort of all 14 swaps.

    Is Promes worth getting? He’d be on 7 chem LW. Otherwise I just play one of the three I mentioned above on the left on 7 chem too. Also have TOTS Gomez. On paper it looks like Promes would be the same as these guys but with 5* skills. Having TOTS Gomez, TOTS Pepe, PIM Best, Futties Lozano and Futties Promes sounds like overkill to me!
  • Fifapayne
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    This promes is great
    He can do everything
    Pass shoot dribble. I would not hesitate to get him imo

  • eltonholm
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    He did put my Best 93 on the bench :) The guy rox!
  • o0OainavO0o
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    He’s an animal at any part of the 4231 front four diamond. I tried him at lcam with r94 up top socatres ccam and Lozano at rcam and he was running the show from the lcam position every game. Scored from some hard angles off of volleys and put in some good headers for his height.
  • lippyone
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    I must be using him wrong as he has done nothing for me.
    Been ok but nothing exceptional
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