What modes are we excited about?

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What modes are we all excited about.

I love career mode so I’m really looking forward to hopefully some new improvements. I think what ever level you play the game on there needs to be harder tests in matches. I did a test today on professional level playing important games like Chelsea, Liverpool so on and it was easy I usually play on world class, and the difference isn’t massive except for counter attacks much harder and AI is like the mourinho bus. I’d like to see teams play more expansive I don’t want to play France national team and destroy them 5-0 and I’m Romania or something. Gameplay needs speeding up and wingers need to be able to slip bye Fullbacks it seems every full back has Cafu and Roberto Carlos recovery skills. But Iam looking forward to release of FIFA 20 but I’m not pre-ordering this time I’m gonna wait until I see what improvements are made, I like a lot of FIFA players think need to be convinced by this version. Also all this talk about menus being different colour to what we have now I couldn’t care less about menus it’s gameplay and career mode and pro- clubs I be more furious about if they don’t get updated I’m gonna lose my mind argghhhh.
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