Why Van Der Sar 89 IS extinct??

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No card on the market,is the fact that the pros use it ?


  • iD33J91
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    Many think the best keeper in the game
  • number7rocky
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    No card on the market,is the fact that the pros use it ?

    Answered your own question, as soon as pros started praising/using him he kept rising in price, what I don't get is why they raised his cap on xbox but not ps4
  • Oweyman
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    He's the best keeper in the game by far, I certainly wouldn't even consider selling mine.
  • Dazzler
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    Why does anyone need a G/k.

    EA handed us TOTS G/K’s out on the sbc’s like they were going g out of fashion. I think I’ve got one for every major league. :/

    Oh yes because they are ****.
  • HyperOCD
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    By long run the best GK in the game
  • v4vendetta1978
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    Lol I got him in middle icon fut swaps didn’t even use him and dumped in another icon although at that time nobody had even uttered his name n nobody used him so
  • bberger
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    I think they upped his price rangeto 1 mill.. lol
  • Recoba
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    Everyone was using him in the xbox playoffs and every game ended 5-5 etc.
  • leon1309
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    Everyone (a lot of utubers) overhyped him durring tots and this is the result. He was cca 350k-ish i think when i saw him on the market, pre hype.
  • Miigue
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    The baby version is just as good
  • SuperSonicSean
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    Because everyone has VVD, and it's either him or Alisson in goal if you want to build a hybrid.
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