Is this game worth getting for 20$ at this point for SP only?

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I am a casual gamer without any interest in Division rivals or WL. My main interests are squad battles and game or two daily against my friend. I intend to play it for a few months.

Should I even bother to get it at this point? Are squad rewords any good? And at last, how long would it take to collect some 150k coins for something like this (squad battles rewards and BPM)?

Thanks in advance, cheers.


  • torakun
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    That team is obtainable through just 1 week of WL + division rival + squad battle

    As for the $20, depends.. If you play for more than a month, I'd say it's worth it because that's 1 big mac+ fries + cola price.

    And since you won't be competitive, the game still stay alive until you decide when to end it. Also the mechanic abuser won't affect you.
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