Daily reminder that career mode gameplay is awful!

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I don't get it EA, I truly do not get it! Why did you change the entire basis of your standard gameplay to match that of Fifa Ultimate Team? What was the point, you guys never answer any of these questions, hell you barely ever tell us why you're making these changes.

In summary, Fifa 19 singleplayer mode has turned into FUT this means that the gameplay is unrealistic, there is no build up play, the ball pings around so fast, players pace and sometimes stats mean nothing. I truly miss the original version of this game before you patched it, why patch a game to ruin it? What is worse about all of this is that there is no way to play the standard version before EA decide to ruin the game.

If this is what I have to look forward to with Fifa 20 count me out. It also worries me a lot that you feel the need to wait so long to give career mode changes news regarding Fifa 20, I feel this is most likely because the changes are pitiful just like the past 10 years. You guys never listen no matter how much people on the board voice their concerns. I can only hope that more sanctions come out to prevent you leaching off your gambling simulator FUT maybe just maybe this would make your team have to focus on football once again.


  • Fifa 19 is now so useless. The one thing i enjoy doing in career mode is taking young players and growing them to superstars. Lately after i buy a young player his potential reducing. The growth glitch doesn’t even work anymore. I’ve been playing fifa since 99, this is rock bottom as far as i’m concerned. Disappointed! Pissed as well!! Whoever is responsible for this.. i need a word with you cause I can’t even enjoy the game i purchased for pass time anymore.
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