Gameplay Speed For FIFA 20

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Who else would like to see an update in the speed of gameplay. In general fast players are fast in real life right, so if I’m mane I don’t want to be chased down by Otamendi. It’s so frustrating you get a little space on a break and a defender will catch u. I’d love to see speed brought back into the game not like FIFA 17 I think when little speed demons were like bullets, but I’d like to see speed rewarded what I understand is if a centre back is 67 acceleration and say a striker or winger is 76 how would he be caught it just doesn’t make sense. EA will have decide whether to narrow the overall or just make them out of 20 overall not 98 or whatever tops out now. Out of all of the gameplay speed is the real issue. I would like to see it fixed as well as dribbling let’s get real apart from step over to get by a player in real life how many skills do you see real players use other than clever flicks. Either from receiving a pass or a flick from a fed ball into feet to get around opponents. This is the problem too many glam skill move not enough real ones, I’ve heard that EA are trying to help this in FIFA 20 o I wait and see on that issue.


  • ZizioGardo
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    They have already said that they are looking to change pace for FIFA 20.
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    I think the only time they got it right was in 16..

    Yes, Terry or Huth could keep up for a brief bit from an angle or while physically challenge the player, but once the speedster was by he was gone..

    That catchup pace mechanic they're using this year is horrible..
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    Oh dear doesn’t sound promising then.
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    Yeah fifa 16 that’s right it was good then.
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