SBC OTW Mahrez

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*** Nevermind, I'm stupid ***
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  • Mathew1606
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    Where does it mention you will get a otw mahrez?
  • jasonthompson
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    It says OTW on the sbc he's talking about but I have no idea why they would put a mahrez otw sbc for such pathetic packs tho instead of the otw mahrez
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    I guess the mistake is on me... must have read/understood you would receive a OTW Mahrez.

    I apologize to EA, the greatest company of the universe.
  • Dazzler179
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    I did it on the app and nowhere does it state what the reward is. However stating Mahrez OTW is pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️ misleading. Why not just say Mahrez themed SBC, reward Mixed player pack? Oh because no one would bother doing it and our clubs wouldn’t be less of players. SBC may not cost much to complete but even if the reward is SBC Mahrez he’s only 50k tradable card. This would be untradable so worth less than that.

    Classic poor behaviour from EA.
  • Amdp9
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    EA is pathetic
  • buldrhm
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    Yeah, I am ashamed to admit I was shocked when I did not receive the OTW Mahrez when I completed this. Fool me 6 times, shame on me.
  • munchie63
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    the title was misleading so anyone doing it on the app could easily be duped.

    and it was obviously Meant to be misleading to catch people out
  • “EA” - WTF !!??? Where is Mahrez “88” , where is my “SBH MAHREZ 88”
    Вы совсем охуели что-ли?!
    Как можно так кидать своё комьюнити , своих пользователей !!??
    Вы чмошники !!!
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