Revamp Career Mode!

25 posts Park Captain
Who has had enough of FIFA's stale career mode? Not everyone is interested in FUT it is boring as hell playing teams with the same damn players. Why are ICONS not in career mode? Put them on the free agent list. Bring back gameface so we can create are own players or managers. Bring in adidas, Nike, Puma stores instead of boring catalogue. Have FIFA Street games & Footlocker like 2K B-Ball. Get creative this title is boring & this is the biggest sport on the planet, really? EA your creativity is way behind what 2K has done with NBA's game. Where is the classic jersey store or boots? All the years of football & this is what you offer? I played since 1993 & I am bored. So many people **** & complain about career & you cover it up with VOLTA! FIFA street failed before & will again. But I understand FUT because its your way of robbing peoples money. And if you built a great career mode you dont get peoples money from buying coins! EA never listens to its consumers and I have a problem with this!
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