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Anyone else got slow gameplay with players that are not reacting as I’m in chat with ea who say no one else is having this issue 🤔


  • Mikep2212
    729 posts Semi-Pro
    Yeah same here mate absolutely toss
  • Chriswhiteisright
    465 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yep me too worse I've ever had it today had to turn it off.
  • Mikep2212
    729 posts Semi-Pro
    Lost like 3 on the bounce got a bit better after i swapped a few players out of my team. Turned it off now though as stupid things keep happening
  • Blipper65
    1088 posts Professional
    yeah same here
  • joehuk
    8584 posts League Winner
    Absolutely terrible gameplay.

    Not felt this bad for awhile even during tots when more were playing...

    My team is standing still, getting the ball stuck under their feet constantly, taking heavy touches.

    Restarted the game after each game hoping I'd get the good gameplay game lol. Maybe I've gotta put up with it for a week or two before it decides otherwise. Shame I've registered for weekend league aswell :joy:
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