Youth scouting ethnicity

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Just a quick comment on youth scouting in career mode. I’d like to no if anyone else has youth scouted countries in FIFA 19, and noticed a problem with ethnicity I wonder if this will be looked into or has been repaired in the new FIFA 20.

Would also like to point out can Wales, Hungary, Iceland, India and any I missed get youth scouting within career mode for FIFA 20, as China Japan and other nations on FIFA 19. Do not have national teams within career mode so why do they have youth scouting, but the countries with national teams you can use don’t it really has Fxxcked me off in FIFA 19 and people asked and it wasn’t fixed. So EA pull ya finger out fed up of these glitches I’d like them looked at before game is released it’s not too much to ask. That is just one issue with FIFA 19 career mode out of hundreds it really has been mismanaged, i hope someone got sack for last years effort in career mode and pro clubs because it was SHXT.
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