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Career Mode - Any suggestion?

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What I'm about to say may or may not interest you, as I feel hardly anyone still cares about the Career Mode unfortunately, but for the ones who do maybe this is a good way to put together a list of the things we'd love to see (apart from the "more teams and leagues" thing which also applies to other game modes).

I'll kick this offf: I think that Career Mode could be made more interesting by just expanding on features that are already there but used with little-to-no common sense.

Now if I recall correctly we're able to choose between...
  • Default squads (I get they're the ones that came at game release, am I correct?)
  • Squads from the latest live update (so the "current" ones)
  • Custom squads (well, everyone does what he wants with the squads, who am I to judge?)

When selecting custom squads, things would pretty much remain unchanged. If I decided to move Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba and De Gea to Frosinone and then attempt to win the La Liga trophy with them, I should be able to do so.

When selecting squads from the latest live update, I'd love to also have a feature to start the Career Mode at the "current" time. Let me say I start a Career Mode in march using the latest squads, I should be given the chance to start from the beginning of the season or to start from the current situation (so with tables as they are in real life).

When selecting default squads, I could only start the season from the beginning, being forced to keep the first transfer window disabled (as they should already include those transfers).

I would love to have another choice: first transfer window enabled, with the latest live update from the previous game.
In FIFA 20, it could work like...
You start the career during June 1st with Buffon and Rabiot still at PSG, Ramsey still at Arsenal (but Juventus bound so already set to move there), Godin at Atletico madrid (same as Ramsey) and such.

I'd also love to create a team myself (crest, colours, city, name, stadium, kits, maybe adboards) and to have the chance to play it in a Career Mode.
It should be forced to start from the lowest league available in its cluntry (as an example, if I chose to create Dover Athletic I'd have them start from League 2).
I obviously shouldn't be able to pick any player I wanted, but when I choose the team to replace, this should happen:
  • For my new team, I should be able to pick any free agent available, plus...
  • Any player in the DB (even the ones currently playing for any another team) which is not set as a starter in his team and which has an overall equal or lower than the one of the team I'm replacing.
For example, if I decided to replace Morecambe with Dover, Morecambe players would be set as free agents. I could select any free agent I wanted (including players previously playing for Morecambe) and any other player in the game which has an overall lower or equal to 60 (which according to SoFIFA is the average rating of Morecambe).

These two little additions would make Career Mode great again.

Any other suggestions?
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