Javier Zanetti PIM is a hidden gem

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Way better than vieira 88 by miles.
Dribbles ridiculous & he’s fast Af, his defense is crazy


  • HyperOCD
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    But cant jump :D
  • Peewee916
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    HyperOCD wrote: »
    But cant jump :D
    Straight punks tots/FB ibrah off of the ball everytime I play him
  • Freddieboi_27
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    Lol.... did over 400games with him and he went straight into the Vieira SBC and do not regret it whatsoever.... cant shoot, too short..... bye bye
  • tezmacfifa
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    Shooting is apalling, cannot jump.

    But he's amazing at everything else, which is why he's played 500 games for me and is my CDM of choice.

    I'm afraid to say everyone wants META nowadays, so if the player isn't perfect and tall, the it's assumed they are rubbish. Most comment without using the player.. says it all
  • keyroy
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    White men cant jump
    3970 posts National Call-Up
    Disrespectful to Big Patty V
  • Yermawfc
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    edited July 2019
    Used him for 800 games until I completed dinho, good wee player but as mentioned can’t jump, and refuses to stay back while attacking despite instructions and has the most annoying trait of getting into class shooting positions only to miss the target 9/10 times. Good servant to my club tho and might get a training ground named after him
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