Division Rivals

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You gotta laugh at this gameplay, total lottery who wins. Shakes head and wonders how EA get away with it. Trading Standards should take a look I reckon


  • Amdp9
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    ya right, this is the first time in whole year I didn't bother with WL. Felt like I had so much time to spare. Same thing right now not bothering with DR. I think I called it to quit. My squad is 196 sadly all year trading came down to this end. I am buying Fifa next year but later during Christmas. Will pay half the cost then start to trade. Absolutely disgusting, Such a SHAME on you EA. I have been a player of Fifa since 1995 and FUT since 2011, you lost me this year ! @EA_Andy , @EA_Cian Is there any justifications at all or we just sleep at the community about this whole mess about the greed of selling Fifa Point's, not taking care of game play. Y'all are here to listen to community but no one reacted all year. At least give everyone answers or just shut down the servers or the the game! I am really wondering if developers even tested the game this year before launching it. Moreover do anyone in EA sports even play FIFA.
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  • JPRM71
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    The difference in gameplay between game modes is like night and day. Rivals, WL, Squad Battles, Online Singles, Online Friendlies, they all play completely differently.
    I’ve been gaming since 1980, and I’ve NEVER, through about 20 different machines, known anything like it within one title.
  • pedro___
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    agree to both.
    And add: Fifa doesnt have an identity. We never know what is going next or between game modes.

    Its a mess.

  • sixstring
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    Only way to stop the crap is vote with our wallets love to see it happen and the gambling commission cut this toxic revenue off,pay to win loot box and stop lying to us.
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