Which VVD should I get.

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I have started to do Maldinis moments sbc. But I think I wanna buy VVD first. Not used him yet and being a lfc fan I need to have him now.

Which version would you buy out of the 94 UCL live card and the TOTY card?

I can afford the tots one as I have around 1.5m. But as I said I wanna do maldini too so the more coins I have the left the quicker I’m gonna get him done too.


  • Team Sam
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    Why don't you finish Maldini first, then buy the best VVD you can afford afterwards.

    You may get lucky with some of the packs and be able to get the TOTS instead
  • DannySTFC
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    As above, I don’t see much point in buying a high value CB before finishing an SBC for the same thing. Buy 88 VVD for now, complete Maldini then see what you’re left with.
  • Just_Unfair
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    Start with the cheaper one and upgrade overtime...they are the best cb combo...i have the tots vvd and pim maldini. They do big things
  • Macca77
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    Cos there is nothing in packs now so wouldn’t make much from them. thought buy vvd now and partner him with my moments blanc. Can throw Rio into If I bought the 94 ucl one would have 600k towards maldini. If I bought the toty I would have 400k
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