Tired of Generic kits

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Who apart from me is fed up of Generic kits in Fifa. Hopefully in new game this will be fixed.
So I have my list and I think it needs updating is it not Fifa a world body I’m not amused anymore.

1) Austria national team
2) Bolivia
3) Bulgaria
4) Cameroon
5) Colombia
6) Ivory Coast
7) Ecuador
8) Egypt
9) Finland
10) Hungary
11) India
12) Paraguay
13) Peru
14) Slovenia
15) Switzerland
16) Uruguay
17) Venezuela
So out of 48 national teams 31 have Real kits 17 do not have real kits.

I’d also like to see
To have the ability in career mode to youth scout these countries it’s so frustrating.

So EA it would be nice if some of these fixes are made as to leave it the same is getting on my nerves. Would love to see a real overhaul for offline modes pro clubs and career mode need updating, but I’m not holding out much hope, if there is no change I won’t bother with game because FUT doesn’t interest me what do you guys and girls think.


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