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Any better attacking LB (with decent defensive ratings) than Marcelo TOTY ?


  • zeultuturor
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    telles mendy robertson sbc sandro to name a few
    you can only figure for yourself if any of them is better
  • Dazs23
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  • AjaxLegends
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    Nope. Marcelo the best.
  • DannySTFC
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  • Danielb
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    Dazs23 wrote: »

    This 100%
  • YumYum
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    87 mendy is goat
  • Jawz
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    I play 352. I had before fb Sandro, he was amazing but h/h was an issue for me, he would be sometimes all over the place, and the other time he would make amazing runs and even scores. I recently swapped to tots telles after searching for a replacement. Let me tell you, he is much better than Sandro. I know I may receive some hate but for me telles work rates were perfect, he would be always in the right position when I needed him or making beautiful runs behind the enemy defender line. Also tried Toty Marcelo and Kurzawa(Champions league sbc), I tried liking those to but their high low were an issue for me, would consistently leave gap on the wing when being counter attacked.
  • limjitwe
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    Nope. Marcelo the best.

  • EisenErmin
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    Marcello is twice the player than all others combined. If you want an attacking fullback there is Marcello TOTY and the rest can just watch and learn from him and will never reach his level.
  • Mogga
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    If I play birthday Salah in a 523 he is often further forward than Ryan Fraser :D
  • CAJansen1966
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    TOTS Tagliafico
  • Leandrinho
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    Tots vieirinha!!
  • Ki3r4nM95
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    Tots alba or tots kostic, have both on my team and are both lethal going forward and defending.
  • madwullie
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    I have used all of those mentioned here with the exception of mendy and Robertson and none of them are fit to shine marcelo's boots the night before the game. And frankly when I've come up against Robertson and mendy not once have I seen them majestically strolling through my right flank, skinning my rb left right and centre before delivering multiple pin point passes onto my strikers' toes, so I imagine they're not fit to wipe the **** from marcelo's bowl either.
  • GT500
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    Alba is decent
  • SomeNextGuy
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    Flashback Sandro LB
    BD Marcelo RM

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