Who’s waiting for EOE Daniele De Rossi?!?

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Already have and still use his FB card it’s a phenomenal card.

Any guesses of when EA might release it and what do you think his requirements will be?!?


  • Same as Torres 🤞 I need a proper CDM. Currently playing demirbay (which to my surprise his doing a good job)
  • Hamzy_LFC
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    I think his requirements will be more.

    Either 2x 85 squads
    Or 2x 84 with totw in each

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    Already got EoE card last year, just like Kompany, don't think they'll do another one for those players who've already had it in the past.
  • Riggs006
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    Have the FB still in my team at CDM and he is a great card, one of the best CDM's I've used this FIFA so I would definitely do an EOE SBC for him, having said I agree that since he had one last year it may be unlikely but can still hope!
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