how horrible will the game be?

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on the scale of 1-10 how horrible do you think fifa20 will be? my guess is 12. 12 out of 10 in awfulness. graphics & gameplay will suck. Career mode will yet again be completely ignored. the only thing that might be slightly good is the soundtrack, but that might also suck. Knowing how everything EA touches turns into utter garbage.


  • HishamAyman
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    Its going to be slightly better than 19 but it will remain p2w, they will remain greedy, and will still be a really bad game. Their trailer already shows lots of bad mechanics in the game
  • Ballsantini
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    Until the fan reaction is so bad that sales plummet and the stock tanks, wont really be an impetus for the company to fix it.. think itll take one more year of negativity before actual transformative changes are made
  • Fletch
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    If AI influence is truly reduced and there will be am actual skillgap like they said there will be, it could potentially be the best FIFA of the past 5 years.

    However, that will most likely be patched 2 weeks in once all the kiddies complain they're getting smacked once again
  • Peter66
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    Fifa 19= 2 seconds button delay in scuad battles in offline mode in ps4!!!...
    In the first match with good response, second match with good response,third match with good responce...and then in the last match EA want to loose the match and the game cause to my gameplay 2 seconds button delay.
    Are you kidding us EA?
    I will never buy again fifa coins in this script game.
    This game is a big lie. This game is a joke.
    Go to hell EA
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