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Looking for a Club to join

5 posts Ball Boy
Platform: PC
Origin ID : ZileZu
Position : LM/LW but can play anything, depending what type of players the club consists of.

I am looking for an existing and hopefully active club to join at.

I started playing Pro Clubs just few days ago and realized how much fun it could be within a club of decent team players and not those random weirdos that you end up teaming up with in drop in game mode. The ones who 24/7 ask passes from AI which ends up just that the enemy intercepts 85 % of them.

Since it's impossible to get skill points from drop in game mode it would be awesome to find a club to join at and even better if people are willing to use Teamspeak while playing, since i have my own small teamspeak server where we could hang at while playing.

Teamspeak is NOT a requirement though.

Oh, almost forgot, I am from Finland and speak English fluently so English/Finnish speaking clubs preferred.


  • ZileZu
    5 posts Ball Boy
    I've created my own club and im playing in it with a friend of mine. So not really looking for a club anymore unless someone wants to join the club we're in. Could use some more players for sure.

    Club name : Ball Aholics

    It's Public. IF someone wants to join and play with us it's easier though to add me as friends on Origin and we'll go from there.
  • Beackon
    6 posts Ball Boy
    Hi mate I’ve just started a team myself would love for you to be a part of it, I’m a very experienced fifa player. Let’s build this squad
  • ZileZu
    5 posts Ball Boy
    Beackon wrote: »
    Hi mate I’ve just started a team myself would love for you to be a part of it, I’m a very experienced fifa player. Let’s build this squad
    Hi there! I couldn't find you on Origin as Beackon.

    What is your Origin ID?

    Or just go ahead and add me to friends on Origin and let's see how we do this.

    Right now im in a club of my own but i can delete it since it's just me and my friend in it and we would like to play with more people than just us 2.

  • ZileZu
    5 posts Ball Boy
    So im playing in Ball Aholics ( club i created, left to play on other clubs and now im back in Ball Aholics ) and we have 3-4 players who play daily at least for now.

    I am planning to create Pro Club team in FIFA 20 also so if someone wants to join the club and play with us, now is the perfect time to get to know us before FIFA 20.

    It's not required but helps also if people can use teamspeak since that's where at least me and few others usually are at.

    Ok, just wanted to update this just in case someone ends up reading this.

    The club is public at least for now but easiest way to find it is probably to add me into friends on Origin and then join the club im in.

    Or just search for Ball Aholics.

    Would be nice to get a even bigger group of people who like to play together and for fun.
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