PC : Looking for Co-Op partner/s

5 posts Ball Boy
Platform : PC
Origin ID : ZileZu
Country : Finland
Time available : It varies, im playing other games also but im quite a lot @ FIFA 19

Team rating/preferred teams : I have played lot of Co-op seasons with a friend as France so i guess i prefer France but it really doesn't matter, sometimes it's fun to just try out different and/or new teams.

Playstyle : Depends of the co-op partner. But personally i guess i prefer direct/quick passing with highlight crosses and lobbed through balls :smile:

If i end up playing with someone a lot we will get used to each others playing style and develop our own so i don't know if this really matters so much.

I am from Finland but i do speak English quite fluently and i have my own small teamspeak server since 2015ish so it is possible to jump there and start talking about anything that comes to mind while playing games.

I have discord also but i prefer Teamspeak.

PS : i just started playing Pro Clubs few days ago and im looking for a club or players there also ( will make another topic on the proper sub forums )
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