Next week rewards? Red Picks?

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What are they people ?


  • ChrisMagicman13
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    Silver 2/3 have a TOTS pick with a max rating of 87
    Silver 1 and Gold 3 will get player picks with any TOTS from all major+minor leagues
    Gold 2 & above will be guaranteed to get 1 TOTS from the major leagues
  • Chavez76
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    wasnt from major 5 leagues and Community? Didnt read it was all the minor leagues?
  • cantonagod
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    Damn- I never bothered as I thought that was it for WL TOTS- oh well had enough of the crap anyway - Sunnis our WL can do one .
  • The king
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    Tots is finished! Will they continue giving us TOTS goal keepers?
  • xeqepex
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    Tots rewards continue? I didn't read that 🤔
  • IxToMxI
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    Schedule for July will be up Thursday W/L not finished
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