Finally! CSL objective

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I've finally finished the weekly objective...which means....I can now discard the worst goalkeeper I have ever used.

After 13 games (6 I left because of first goal wins), 24 goals against and around 3 shots saved in total, Zhang Lie has left my team never to return.

I never want to use a CSL player again on any fifa they all felt absolutely awful. I was literally scared to do a 5 yard pass with either of the gold CBs as they sometimes wouldn't reach their target.

Good riddance.


  • Zambo9
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    lol man why didn't you sub a gk as soon as the match started?
  • Al_HFX
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    I didn't bother to get a Chinese gk, used a striker instead and subbed him when game first interrupted.
  • Danielb
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    Ha ha why ? I subbed Casillas FB straight away.
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I normally sub a keeper for the Chinese league stuff. I stuck with a 6’4” silver. He was honestly as good as most of the tots keepers.
  • spy
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    I used Du Boyang and didn’t find him that bad. Yesterday I played with 4 midfielders in defence and only won 1 out of 4 but today I bought 4 cheap CSL defenders and it seemed to make a big difference (probably because the team chem increased from 70 to 100) and won 3 out of 4.
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