3m coins main squad complete

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So my main squad is:


Now I really can't see where I can improve other than obvious little upgrades VVD > TOTY/TOTS but again I'm left with a 92 VVD, Marcel has grown on me after so many games, Alonso is irreplaceable tbh and Da costa is brilliant.

I really cba waiting another week to see who i get from my next red TOTS picks as its been nothing short of meh so far my best have been last 2 Cavani, Quag,Chiellini.

would I be better of spending coins on improving my main squad or build:

ttySGZT.jpg - seems a fun squad just to mess around with.

which is 2m coins and open 1m coins worth of packs maybe strike lucky at least once this TOTS

Or do I spend full 3m on packs and be done? :joy: i'm playing less and less & sick of having 3m coins just sitting there.

no its not a flex as I know how daft i've been before 'TOTS'
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