Things I’d love to see in Fifa 20

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Firstly I’d love to see a change in pro clubs again I loved the way it used to be done, where you would have to build your pro up within game modes in the game. I don’t why that was got rid of, now there’s just chaos where Everyone is equal on pro clubs. Some of us are more skilled based some of us are more passing and moving, either way it needs to be more challenging as it’s become so monotonous, so I’d like the original mode to come back where you have to train your stats for your pro within the game offline it gives the user something to do. They do it in NBA2K series and it’s great also they should take there Mycareer ideas imagine moving up through ranks getting boot deals now that would be interesting don’t we agree?.

Secondly I’d love to see Fifa career mode actually have a purpose it would be great if we didn’t have a choice of team we choose straight away, rather we had a career mode choice to play a challenging mode where you as a coach whatever league you chose say it France then, you start at a ligue 2 club and have to work your way up get achievements and be rewarded with genuine bigger club offers, not just PSG or LYON but mid table ligue 1 teams or other teams around the world. Imagine your Le Harve or Middlesbrough and Rennes or River plate need a new direction in play or like the way you manage. How interesting will that be for the user, it will give the user something to achieve rather than the mode now where you can be Man U or PSG and practically you won already where’s the fun or challenge in that. You don’t just get given these jobs or choose them you have to earn them, that’s the fundamental problem with Fifa. Too much is given away with no challenging modes to keep the user intrigued. Isn’t that the point of games to challenge you so you keep playing the game when will they learn.

Thirdly FUT my thoughts on this mode should be get out of Fifa, I don’t like or rate the mode it’s a scam and people need to wise up stop buying surprise boxes 📦 as a high ranking figure, within EA testified to politicians that were inquiring whether we as user were being tricked into gambling 🎰 well we are. All the things you guys and girls buy are EA owned. It ludicrous I don’t no why users do it the whole YOUTUBE people, are to blame getting young children excited by saying look how cool this is you can buy packs and get Ezequiel Garay after spending so much 💵. It needs to stop people wise up FUT only hurts the Fifa mode it has already.

Forth but not least this Fifa volt thing which means “turn” haha it’s just ridiculous why idiots have asked and begged for this I never no 5 vs 5 hahah skills wow. All I can say is just like it’s name it should Volta back where it came from what a waste of time and of resource. It has top billing in the EA release of information about the game haha. Like EA are MARVEL releasing a movie hahaha. Beginning of July Career Mode and Pro Clubs end July FUT and VOLTA news to be released. Ha what a insult just tell us your plans why big build up, imagine if Mario Kart held back info haha why the big build up its a football game ridiculous. What’s so big about FUT news anyway irony here “ right everyone we as EA have thought of a new way to get your doe” Users wise up.


  • Mc_chigby
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    You started off making a nice opinion piece and then turned into a troll. Well done!
  • FIFA 10-19 best songs all in one soundtrack for 20!
  • zago33
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    Fut swaps to make a player pick from three in every reward..more possibilities
  • gavin2903
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    I'm one of the ones that wanted Volta so im happy
  • gavin2903
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    As for the career mode, back in fifa 05/06 you couldn't start as any club, needed to be recognised before getting there as they were not available and you'd get fired quickly because of finances as good paying sponsors wouldn't be available either. Personally didn't have a problem, but as people said it's a game and they wanna play with whoever they want which one fair enough. I choose to do RTGs some choose to jump straight in with their favourite team whether that be Man U or real Madrid
  • I want to see better draft rewards ive one the draft many times and get nothing back i actually strugglr to make profit sometimes, its a joke give more to your community and give us a reqson to carry on playing
  • Boabdust
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    Left handed goalkeeper animations
  • bbbjura
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    I woul'd love to see under 21 national teams in Fifa, also better chants and making some custom chants for every team. That would be interesting.
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