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If theres anybody like myself out there who hasn't played PES for a few years, PES 19 is going to be one of the July PS+ free games.

See if you want to jump ship after the appalling Fifa 19


  • Zv1k0
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    I'll definitely try it. I have couple of questions for someone who is a long time PES fan. The option file you can install to get all official names, is that allowed or can you get banned for it? Does the game still update when new patches come out if you install it and can you still play online against people who haven't installed it?
  • leon1309
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    You could have tried it since Christmass...my club part was free to play.
  • RadioShaq
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    Please use the off topic section for off topic posts. There is already a thread for pes there too.
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