What happens to the ifs?

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EA saying there will be no totw for a month and a half and since icons cant be completed without in form cards, assuming totws will shoot through the roof?


  • HyperOCD
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    yeah because EA will demand in every futtie sbc 2 IFs
  • Bigfootisblurry
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    There'll be no new TOTW, doesn't mean all the old ones won't go back into packs
  • Dazzler179
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    Add it to the list of EA greed. People are currently flush with high rated cards so to stop people being able to complete icons they make sure that in forms are crazy expensive instead.

    It’s the same with the Iniesta and Paulinho SBC requiring 84/83 squads, it’s just a ploy to make those cards more expensive so people throw in a higher rated TOTS cards instead.

    Nothing they do is a gift.
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