Ultimate TOTS or Iniesta FB

115 posts Has Potential To Be Special
After the crap I've packed..

At least I'd know what I'd be getting with Iniesta


  • Cheesyballs1970
    617 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Hes a great super sub and a 94 too do him!
  • starfox1284
    1519 posts Play-Off Hero
    Def do iniesta, wouldnt do the ult. Tots unless your happy with oblak or alisson
  • iGainZ
    29 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Depends on how much it will cost you.
    I’d go with TOTS.
    Lower rated is 94, same rating as Iniesta..

    It will cost you a bit more but you could be lucky.
    Depends on your team and how much money you have...

    (Pulled VVD btw. First good pull from sbc guaranteed, but found a few tots from other packs)
  • Boysie91
    8093 posts League Winner
    Ultimate for sure
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