Bug in Career mode

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so I am playing career mode in Fifa 19.I am at the second season and when I simulate it it keeps saying "this software has been closed because an error occured"I tried everything like restarting the game and everything and it still keeps saying the same thing.Did any of you have this problem?


  • nsholmberg11
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    Nope, sorry dude. May want to try deleting files or resetting the profile. Could even be a full uninstall. I’ve had fifa games for over 10 years, never heard of that.

    Try EA support chat, there’s a chance they could help. Or a game advisor
  • Gibrane
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    Thank you for your help,I tried to seek EA for help but they were sure not useful
  • Fifa 19 is now so useless. The one thing i enjoy doing in career mode is taking young players and growing them to superstars. Lately after i buy a young player his potential reducing. The growth glitch doesn’t even work anymore. I’ve been playing fifa since 99, this is rock bottom as far as i’m concerned. Disappointed! Pissed as well!! Whoever is responsible for this.. i need a word with you cause I can’t even enjoy the game i purchased for pass time anymore.
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