Horrible one sided Delay in WL plus failed matchmaking

267 posts Sunday League Hero
Yesterday night the game was smooth for me, today has been delay delay delay.

1. Playing on PS4 Pro, the same happens on both wifi and wired (100mbs) also on both tv:s I’ve tested(both football mode on and off)

2. How am I supposed to defend against Neymar & co when all my players turn like trucks and opponent plays high pressure and massive button delay of course only on my side. Or build up anything. Impossible to stop attacks when opponents chains one touch passes in my area with ease.

3. Why am I (in Finland) being matched up with Spanish players on the other side of Europe?

4. Already in the menus the lag can be felt. I know if I would wait until midnight the game would probably be smooth again but why should I stay up at several nights in a row as the game should be playable at all times? Imagine if for example FPS games would have same kind of problem.
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