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I know a lot of people have had issues with FIFA 19 and 18 I have had a major issue with FIFA 19 career mode and I hope some of you have also experienced it, Ive Been so annoyed by FIFA 19 career mode the scouting system is broken completely you go to youth scouting you get the new scout so you wanna scout Colombia for instance,It searches comes back and every player is Caucasian there is no ethnicity in the nation where teams have white and black players produced if they are multi-ethnic there’s been multiple patches throughout this year not one has it ever been addressed since day one of the game being released which I think is a disgrace not only Colombia,, Ecuador is affected, Canada is affected, Paraguay is affected, Bolivia,,New Zealand, practically all Asian countries are wrong African continent South Africa is a joke every player is white. Now I’ve done this over time of playing career mode and it’s not been addressed not one patch has it ever been addressed on, which I find mind-boggling it’s a small issue these details are never fixed the same problem on FIFA 18 and a patch was sent out to me after I had to ring the game makers themselves to the customer service people to get them to send a patch out to me because all the names of the nations were wrong, so to have an ongoing issue in career mode to stop the enjoyment and realism of the game Has been very annoying. There is obviously more issues on career mode this year than ever as a lot of people have pointed out on the forums fixture clash is unrealistic fixture pile ups, the thing I found is I would save the game before the transfer window and bearing in mind the game is off-line, I would proceed to the transfer window where the timer starts from 10, I would then proceed to continue the countdown until it gets to 9 and this has happened to me numerous times and I hope other people to, the game freezes And if I did not save before this moment I would’ve lost all of my progress. This transfer window clock countdown has had a problem since they’ve introduced it and it is still a problem I really do hope EAs taking on board the anger on these forums because at the present time it’s unacceptable and Pes 2020 and all the things that you can do with Konami. Meaning customisation and importing things onto the game give it so much more freedom than EA.
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