Splitting the Fifa Modes

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I don’t understand why EA don’t split games up now, the FIFA series used to be all about career mode and then a popular format pro clubs which I think both are great, but soon as ultimate team come along it has ruined the game, it has laced EA pockets with billions of dollars 💵. I think EA should but won’t do this is split the game up up I would love to no how well Fifa ultimate stands up against the offline career mode and online pro clubs and seasons. I think it would go the way I’ve always felt about ultimate team down the toilet 🚽 it’s such a rubbish mode ultimate it’s just career mode but you as sad consumers are buying non exsisting cards, haha and people do anything for a Messi ronaldo whoever haha its the biggest con ever for me it’s ruined the mode. It’s a leech that won’t go and it’s sucking u all dry bargaining cards it’s so ridiculous. If only pro clubs which is a better mode on FIFA had the time and resources this money launderer has, what it can be I so want to split the game modes up I hate seeing ultimate team I hate it’s very existence. Come on Fifa give the offline players and pro clubs guys and girls something to enjoy we pay for the game too.


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    EA claim there is no "advantage". But those who pay and spend big have a clear advantage over those who don't spend 1 dime. Hence, why I've stayed away from FUT for years now. It's not like Fortnite where you only pay for skins that don't give you an advantage over opponents. Its pay to win and EA have gone around loopholes to deny the gambling in FUT.
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    I agree it’s all a money loop reward the givers and F-All to not so rich it’s a scandal fed up of the mode. People are so ingrossed in it though I don’t get it I never even entered the ultimate team menus, and I’ve never played journey I no that was harmless but still had more budget than Pro Clubs or career mode it’s crazy,oh well all will be revealed in July so I can have proper moan up then.
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    Wish EA could bring Icons to offline modes..
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    FUT and rest of game should be separate. Pay subscription for fut and pay one time fee $60 for rest of game.
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    2 different kinds of players that rarely crossover
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