Kurts latest kick off tweet

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If you follow Kurt on twitter , have a look at his latest tweet demonstrating four kick off goals in a row .
Completely ridiculous really how bad this game is, think it takes watching some footage back to truly realise . Let’s hope they iron out some of the issues in Fifa 20.


  • Recoba
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    Defensive AI gets dumbed down and the attack gets a boost.

    Using the offside trap helps a little.
  • basdost_goat
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    Just run back with your striker and use second man press.
  • Paquetesousa
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    Nah, it must be something else, surely... Haven't you heard EA Say that it's not in the game? Why wouldn't you believe in such a serious and highly respected company as EA? It must be a.... SURPRISE, MECHANICSSSSSS!!! LOL
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