Still missing sitters

Have not played for a few months , got back in to it , I'm in division 5 , played a few games, was thinking " Jesus they must of fixed this **** , 2 games to win to go to division 3 , the game turns on me . I was one on one to make it 2 - 2 son finesse shot , beats keeper hits post , then fernandinho 2x dragbacks and I'm closer to the goal than the penalty spot is!!!!! facing the keeper . I press up and shoot and it goes wide ,
Now next time yere playing turn your player so that he is facing towards the corner flag and press shoot and watch the ball hit the target !!!!! How do u kick it wide if you can do that . Sold all my players and I don't see the point playing a game where when u press an imput , the ai decides after that . All u can do is shoot if your losing by 2 goals it's going in if your winning by 2 it's going wide simple as .


  • Meant div 4 , so used to being in 5 all year
    Turned on ps4 one day few weeks ago and was in a higher division .
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