Advice needed to improve my team

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I have 3.5m to spend -could anyone advise how best to improve this team:

Currently subbing on Apas for Aguero but got Di Maria in my red picks this week so may use him as the sub instead now


  • spy
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    Anyone, really unsure as to whether to try and improve it now to boost my chances for this WL or to wait in case prices crash when ultimate TOTS is released?
  • zeultuturor
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    edited June 21
    sell the whole right side (except for pogba)+ sane, shulz and the bench.
    change to 4222
    put telles in near david luiz. add neymar cam, mbappe st. add da costa rb and tots havertz or headliner reus if you dont have enough and that was it. eventually change demirbay to vieira when you have enough
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