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Why constant pressure is still so op?

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It's just ridiculous that a team can press non stop like on steroids for the whole game. And I really would like to know what kind of player turn on constant pressure the first second of the game.
The thing about high pressure is, even if I don't make mistakes under pressure, my players will because of this stupid gaming mechanism.
And the game just becomes an error fest. Players on both sides just make mis passes after mispass, ball just bounced around. And goals usually only can be achieved on bounced goals. What's the fun of this kind of game!


  • oneskyworld
    1026 posts Professional
    I find that the player using constant pressure usually doesn't have a loaded team. And usually has a wierdly put together hybrid team.
  • joehuk
    3630 posts National Call-Up
    It wasn't so OP after the stamina drain fix.

    But now with all boosted cards 99stamina cards are easy to come by so going back to constant pressure is a viable tactic again sadly.

    And it completely destroys the flow of games just a rebound fest
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