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I want to upgrade James, but who for? I only have 500k left to spend. Was thinking about Demirbay, then moving Goretszka into CAM.

Any thoughts?
Only Kruse & Halstenberg are tradable.


  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I would move kruse to cam. Play Ribery off chem at striker and put tots Kostic at LM. But if you like the very attacking style. Move kruse to cam. And pick up the best Werner card you can afford.
  • RoosterBlue
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    The 3*/2wf on Kostic puts me off.
    Brandt is another option, or I was thinking of waiting to get enough coins for TOTS Jovic.
  • Markman007
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    I would replace James with FS Havertz. He’s excellent and not terribly expensive.
  • Kip2MyLou
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    Depends your playstyle. I personally like a quick striker and target man. So I'd move Kruse to cam and the highest jovic or lewa card you can get to play along side reus.
  • RoosterBlue
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    I've got FS Jovic untradable, might reintroduce him. I prefer Kruse at ST and Reus at CAM.
  • His0ka
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    Get TOTS Brandt
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