Why EA FIFA fails time and time again

It's out of control. No one, and I mean no one in the community is happy with this game. We all think it's awful. Your numbers you see, are flawed. They may look good, but in reality, everything in the game seems to be trending downward except for content (menu screen, sbc, etc..), and those behind the game developing, seem lost.

I don't believe for one second you are unaware of the problems or issues. You mentioned what we all been saying in recent pitch notes, and we been saying it for years. You knew about it years ago. The truth is, as I believe, you contracted some of the mechanics and logic behind the game out way back when. That was sold to you, and now at best you are code editors. The talent, simply does not exist at your company to fix this game the way it needs to. So what do you do, you try other new code edits. Its like trying to spray air freshener over a pile of poop. Once the freshener goes away, you still got what you got.

Everything from the servers, to the game play, to the pack buying, to the in game whatever you want to call it nonsense that goes on, is a complete disaster. As a kid I used to think EA had the best sports games. Now all I want is someone else to come into the game market for sports and take over, because truthfully your company does not deserve the support it has been getting. Valar morghulis (replace men with EA games)


  • GoonerSoldier
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    Amen. But here is the #1 reason why EA has gone downhill since Fifa12 and its introduction of MANUAL Defending aka Tactical Defending. The Gameplay is unbalanced with manual Defending and 100% automatic attacking controls.
  • Jimtheyid
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    Servers are awful.
    Gameplay is ****.
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