TOTS Aouar SBC Review

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If you can do this SBC or he fits in your team or your on the fence about doing it then it's a no brainer, complete it now and get him in your team!

Whether you can do him for 50k, 100k, 200k or the full 550k, this is probably the best value SBC all year when you compare him to similar(Aouar is probably better than some of these) players and their price(PIM Matthaus, TOTY Madrid, TOTY Kante, TOTS Nainggolan...etc)

I play him at CM in a 442 next to Pogba

Key pros -
Passing is incredible, pretty much 100% accuracy each game
Dribbling/pace - Very agile, smooth, fast and composed on the ball, feels identical to TOTS Ben Yedder.
Shooting - Finesse shots are sublime, long shots great, finishes most of his chances for me.
Defending - Surprisingly much much better than I expected, because I'm using a basic chemistry style, both defending and physical get a small boost. But he wins the ball back very aggressively, interceptions are strong as well. Defensively he's performing up there with Kante so with a Sentinel or Anchor he'll make a strong CDM.

Cons -
Winning headers can be a bit of a 50/50, wins some loses some.

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