How low will Tots Neymar drop?

1202 posts Professional
I have enough to buy him now but have seen him drop like 500k from last night. I'm assuming Ultimate Tots will make him drop further?

Its either Neymar or Tots Cr7


  • EisenErmin
    5010 posts Big Money Move
    Could be, but if everyone who has the coins expects that he might rise when Ultimate tots is out as he will be packed like 200 times ang 500 are going to buy him. This driving his prize up. Happend before with TOTS cards from BPL
  • OZero
    4851 posts National Call-Up
    I think he would rise instead. Better buy now
  • Professor
    1202 posts Professional
    I just picked him up. I cant wait to try him out this WL.
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