PIM Figo or Prime Best to replace 91 Salah?

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Title says it all really.


  • The_WC
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    I have pim best and I did have pim figo. They are both very good I'd say figo shooting is better best 4 star weak foot is terrible for me
  • Guvnor
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    Best was way better than figo for me, but then I ended up selling both, trying out tots sterling, selling him and going back to 91 salah so I am off no help in truth.
  • barryw
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    Best go with Best. He’s Best.
  • ImAtrocious
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    I'm very happy with my Figo...I wouldn't say he's exciting or spectacular really, but just seems to pop up for goals when you really need him.

    I haven't tried Best though, so can't give a fair comparison.
  • Team Sam
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    Curious too. Looking for a RW myself
  • D0lvl
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    Have PIM Figo. Tried out PIM Best loaner. Felt no difference btw his mid/prime. He also feels weak. Easily pushed off the ball. Dribbling and movement is very smooth though. Shooting is great but not noticeably better than PIM Figo.
  • Arsence
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    PiM Figo is the boss, makes nice outside-to-in runs that I havn't seen any other winger do. I like to have one skilful winger (I use Neymar) and one great passer and crosser. For me the best man for the job is Figo.
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