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Disclaimer: Not everybody will like my view but i hate arcade football games, i want life like!! this is what Fifa with their budget, fan base and licenses should be working towards:

Match Day:
Cut scene - Getting off the team bus with their boot bag in hand and suits/tracksuits on. Time lapse of the stadium getting busier and people getting their seat. Then commentary kicks in, introducing the fixture, any manager comments etc whilst a cut scene of the players warming up begins.
midfielders and defenders doing boxes, manager talking with coaches and strikers in groups of 3's shooting at a second temp net testing the keeper. This can be whilst the game loads ready for the "And its liveee". All we get now is a few kick ups and it begins. 0 build up at all.
Pre game, the pitch is a busy place and it adds to the wait for the game. Venture with this important time of the game. It can always be skipped for those just wanting to play.

Have a quieter stadium for periods and commentators mention it when goalless for 15 minutes or more so when you get put through on goal you can actually hear the banging of the seats as the crowd rise to their feet. Hear them react to a skill move and cheer slightly less for a 4-0 then you would if you went up by one.
Have the stadium begin to empty if a 3 or more goal defecate by 80th + minute.
Have maybe 1 in 30 members of the crowd in a previous seasons home top. Have player names on the crowd tops both current and present. This will bring the history of the stadium and club to light.
Boo's if on a run of defeats at home

Players & Styles:
More running types, more shooting, passing and heading animations. There must be no more than 3 techniques for each of the names efforts at the minute. Its too repetitive and fast looking. Slow the game down by a big touch forward as a defender runs up to the ball, leaning back and rises the ball over the midfield and speed it back up again with a wing back taking fast little steps s he adjusts his feet, leans forward in a last ditch effort to get the ball across the box before it goes in play. Have him/her tumbling into the add boards whilst doing it, Making him momentarily unavailable in the game, that's the risk of trying to cross a ball fast approaching the white lines at an awkward angle as it is in real life. Ronaldo tends to take long strides, with a striaght back and then pulls his foot ball after a strike when moving whilst messi leans forward with open arms and bends forward closing his angle as he strikes his shot. Yet on fifa, if it was a blurred face and kit, you would never know.
Have the player react to crowd. If he has just been booked away at his old club, maybe his next touch isn't the best or maybe it gets him in gear and he tramps a 40 yard pass causing his fans to cheer louder.

Set Pieces:
Rather than changing my kick taker/thrower and the screen going black and then the image of the selected player, have that as a"X" Skip option but if preferred, watch the events unfold as Lukaku hands Pogba the ball as an example. It adds to the build up of a 90th min pen, free kick long throw etc. Again, have more styles when striking the ball. Fifa have added a few more run ups now but they still strike the same way. The run up goes out the window if he just glides up to the ball the same as a centre back would do. Open the body, different arm moments etc.
Be able to push your defensive line up higher when defending the set piece. Force the opposition to risk the offside trap or play a short ball. we need more options.

A selection of facial hair to add to, hair colour to change.
Option for short or longer shorts like we do for sleeves.
One roll of Tape or high roll of tape
choose from a selection of set pieces techniques like we can when making a pro. I want to apply these to relevant players so its not all default.
Celebrations to choose from
Choose him/her temperament. I would want Scott brown for Celtic behaving differently than Kante for Chelsea on the pitch.
Apply different running styles to a player. Maybe have 5 running styles i can choose to apply to players.
Select on pair of addidas, nike and umbro boots from each of the last 5 fifa's and add it to the catalogue. Not all players swap and change their boots. Look at Jack Grealish.

Career Mode:
Players can ask for a different shirt number in pre season - As a manager it could cause an upset, but its risk v reward.
Cut scenes of the players jetting off to their European away leg to Moscow, Going back to my match day points above. Allowing the breathing space between the same old menus and the games.
Correct training gear for the bench. If I decide to be an Angel Gomes, the warm up is in player view similar to practice arena, i am in old trafford and taking shots warming de gea up, but by the time the cut screen has finished and the game starts, I am watching from the bench like Alex Hunter does in the journey. Its a real authentic view and makes me want to play well in my next reserve game to get my call up and get my off the bench!! It doesn't have to be a story mode, its just a change of camera's and prospective to make you see the action. You can always sim the game if it's not for you!!
Have he fans making noise demanding players to be sold. If you ignore it you will get pressure from the board and could lead to a sack if results don't come your way, but if it pays off for you and ace it with the given player, shirt sales spike becoming a fan favourite. It's too easy to avoid the chop and have no relationship with the crowd currently.
The menu screens should be the home colours of your chosen club so it feels and looks different to do a season with united than if i took on a contract with Everton.
Have garry neville and Carrigher as options to have in the Gantry or atleast have them coming in the game talking in the back ground during half time on their analysis of the game, again, you can always skip this.
Replay skill moves or moments in the game when the ball is booted in the 3rd tier. go back to a previous penalty shout. Currently its only immediately after the event. If its a talking point in the game, have them watch it and talk about it, again its a cut scene.

I could go on with my idea's but I am meant to be working haha, Let me know if this would sit well with you?

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