Schmeidel saves everything-annoying



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    Who’s Schmeidel? :wink:

    Leichester one

    Schmeidel of Leichester?? :joy:

    Autotyping,,, u understand?

    No I'm afraid I dont, you've called him Schmeidel at least twice now and completely misspelt Leicester.

    Auto correct? Use your brain to correct before submitting.

    I don't think i owe an explanation to someone who see social networking as a way to thrash someone,, think what u have to mate

    Nah, but if you want to interact with people it really is of benefit not to be ignorant and entitled.

    It also really helps people understand what you want from them if you actually use words and names that exist and have meaning in real life.

    Noone can understand/interpret your fantasy-child-language properly.

    And it's not because you don't know better (that would be excusable), but because you actually do and are ignorant and full of lack of respect.
    I said it already,,, autocorrect,, just switched it off,, so can we move on already
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