A squad for TOTS Guarantee, understand a squad for a GK

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I am already sure 99% that FIFA 19 is scripted but my experience has been worst with SBC, TOTS Challenge, Upgrading players, exchanging squads...
In my case I am guaranteed to get a GK. I got only GK from TOTS Guarantee SBC: Trapp 95 , Benitez 93, Oblak 95, Onana 88, Sirigu 93, Koval 84. At this point I don't believe that Rewards aren't under control of EA.
Even when I tried to exchange squads for Flashback, UCL upgrades,... GK again and again!!! I got De Gea 92, Casillas 91, Handanovic 89, Adan 84, Akinfeev 81... I could build a team with all my GKs.
Could you please unmark that GK is my preferred rewards!!!


  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I’ve gotten a goalie in all but 3. Most consistent, EPL and ligue 1. I have done them all. Allan, Khazri and Maddison
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