Any review about Moments bergkamp

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Do anyone recommend him at this stage of the game?


  • Thejuves
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    I have him nothin impress use him as rm rw st cf and cam .until today im.using him as cdm cuz i doing the 3 assist with totw player and he is impressing me a lot i might try with a better suitable chemistry style for him as cdm or cm .
  • MaddMike3711
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    Coins are better spent elsewhere. He’s the only SBC I regret doing, along with Müller.
    I submitted mine into the R9 SBC. :)

  • Str8hii
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    Bad really bad ... better save some more and get eusebio
  • Magnet
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    Yeah I've been pretty disappointed with him so far 50 odd games in very little return played at CAM and ST and numerous chem styles such a shame as his prime last year was great fun to use! Now I'm stuck on what to do with him
  • Royboy
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    He’s been pretty fantastic for me. His 99&98 finish-composure combo makes it really easy to finish in the short distance. Also his touches are by far the best imo.
  • cartyHUNTER
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    Had him for 60 games. His finishing is very clinical and his positioning is very good. Other than that he is bang average.

    I put him in the Eusebio sbc, and they are poles apart!
  • HelloDearie
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    I have used him at CAM/CF/ST

    Was certainly better at CF than the other positions, but he seems to have been trumped by most TOTS cards now.

    However, if you grew up loving Bergkamp as I did, then he is worth doing for nostalgia alone.
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