300 goals with Ronaldinho

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In order to celebrate - who is your top scorer? How many goals?


  • Aj20041986
    84 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    El Buitre 573 Goals
  • freakjas
    5250 posts Big Money Move
    Uhm first potm reus with 385.
    But haven’t used him in months actually
  • AjaxLegends
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    PIM Kluivert 165 goals, after that Robben with 155. Both played 300 games. I'm a bit weird, because my CAM, striker and wingers have almost the same goal ratio.
  • Pacey3_16
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    Potm hazard 568 goals
  • EisenErmin
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    Not my best scorer but 59 in 217 with Toty Marcello as attacking fullback is quite impressive i think. When i had him for the first time earlier he was something like 100 in 700
  • Delboy13710
    4479 posts National Call-Up
    POTM Hazard has like 727 but he dont even make my bench any more .
    But as for Ratio TOTS Son is amazing for me
    212 Goals in 192 games 👌
  • SinkXI
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    All my long serving goal scorers are no longer with me. In the very few players I stil have in my club - PIM Figo (139 in 300 games) , tots Ben yedder (88 in 87 games ) , totsm inaki (87 in 82 games )
  • Insan0
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    Aguero 687
  • kurbalija
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    my best scorer is a monkey from real madrid
  • Dudemaster_c1
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    kurbalija wrote: »
    my best scorer is a monkey from real madrid

    How is he, worth the dollar?
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