Special cards vs NIFS

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Don’t know if it’s just in my head but I’ve found playing with a full team of special cards sees more BS than a team with a few nifs scattered in.

Currently have nif Neymar, mbappe, Marcelo and de gea with PIM MVB and the rest tots and I’m finding it sooooo much easier than when I had a team full of special cards.

Is it the mentality of the other player thinking my nifs will be less good than his special cards so they let their guard down, is it my mentality and it’s just in my head or does it really effect how your team plays?


  • Timur1808
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    That's the question for me too. I think 90% of the special cards and maybe 95% of the icons offers no more than the best of the nif gold, and the ones that performs much better than higher rated best nif cards - really elite special cards or icons - are expensive and unreachable for casual players.

    of course there might be exceptions or I may be totally wrong but I see no diffrence with low budget decent nif dominant teams( like with ronaldo ramos varane messi pogba van dijk de gea etc.) and mid budget special card dominant teams. Of course a team with some of gullit vieira eusebio R9 and best of the tots cards( like hazard ben yedder ronaldo etc.) can hammer a standard nif dominant team espeacially if it's controlled by a really good player but otherwise It just doesnt make a lot of diffrence for example a div3 and gold 2 casual player. and mid budget special cards doesn't provide you some comfort against that amazing teams.
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