How is TOTS Gnabry?

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Stamina looks pretty poor for a TOTS card. Good strength though, and some very good stats elsewhere.

Currently using FB Promes, and he's been underwhelming.

The only other option I have considering chemistry and budget is base Best, who was brilliant for me a few months ago.


  • omarnyc
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    I have both and i like promes better, didnt try best
  • WarrenBarton
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    Tom Jones sung a song called “Some other guy”

    That means “some next guy” in noughties London yute talk.

    Pulled Gnabry on his red’s. He played fast and loose but I couldn’t handle the heat so he went in an sbc
  • SomeNextGuy
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    Oh, wait, if I mess around with my formation I can fit in any right winger. I'm an idiot.

    Probably give FB Son a try then 🤔
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