Ever pick up FIFA after a break...

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And be quite excited to play it? Then.....

...after 1 game turning it back off


  • Snugglebites
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    Before I get to HT, I'll remember why I don't play FIFA anymore.
  • Noob_FC
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    There was a time when I was excited for the weekends....
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    Actually done with FIFA after this year.
  • Buzzbuzz
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    First game was a 4-1 loss to a stacked team, he had 39% possession, 70% passing accuracy and 5 shots.

    Think I'm done with FIFA too...
  • MurkingFools
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    i took a 4 year break :*
  • Buzzbuzz
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    You did right!
  • I SiR MartY I
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    That was me but with new cards on top of it.

    Not touch UT for a while, SBC card or a promo card comes out (TOTW/Carnival etc) go back to UT excited to play and after 45 in game minutes realise the card is garbage, the game is garbage and there was a reason I hated playing UT and turn it off.
  • Buzzbuzz
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    Thats what drew me in today. Pulled Lala in the SBC and I could finish a really fun looking squad. The cards are irrelevant when the gameplay is so ****
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