Is it hot?



  • Pietu
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    Shshj wrote: »
    Current record for the UK is 38.5° back in 2003, it's always a bit hotter than the forecast suggests so looks like that'll be broken tomorrow :joy:

    Man that's just too hot
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    🙎‍♂️Wow, Yes

    O.M.G. so hot.

    This past Wednesday in England, uk was unbearable. Didn't know what to do with myself ☀️🤷‍♂️. We even got thunder and lighting about 2AM early hours of Thursday morning in some parts of England / UK.

    Hardly got a chance to play Fifa 19 as my ps4 was getting too hot and fan was going crazy, had to come of it asap😤. Will have to clean inside of it anyway to get rid of any dust in their that's trying to clogg it up when i get the chance🤞.

    Wasn't as hot Wednesday, but still unbearable yesterday.
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